Why join?

Landlords have their own unions, but they’re typically called rental property or apartment associations. They pay dues, get access to legal information and lawyers, and they have teams of people helping them maximize profit off of us in ways that have resulted in mass gentrification, displacement, and caused many of us financial ruin.

It makes sense for tenants to be equally if not more organized than landlords, since we’re the ones who actually live in the places we rent. We envision a Santa Barbara wherein tenants are organized across every building and neighborhood fighting to defend our right to stay put in decent, affordable housing. If you want to be a part of this movement, join us!

Why do you collect dues money?

As a member-driven, democratically run tenants union, we rely on membership dues to pay for administrative expenses such as a website, printing educational materials, and social media ads. We can also use dues money to help out members facing eviction, houselessness, and other tenancy related hardships.

Want to make a one-time donation? Click here to use PayPal, or use our Venmo: @sbtenantsunion.

Who can become a member?

All tenants are welcome to join SBTU. We define “tenant” as anyone who does not own their home and does not have power over any other person’s housing situation. We see no distinction between the housed and the unhoused. Homeowners and land trust members can be non-voting members. Landlords and their agents are not eligible to become members.

Before signing up, please read our mission statement. All members should find general agreement with it.

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What dues would you like to pay?

NOTE: We recognize everyone’s situation is unique and we do not have a minimum or suggested dues amount. We ask that you choose the tier that comfortably fits your budget while still supporting the Union in continuing our important work.